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Bishop Mike

The outstanding event for March was surely the visit to All Saints of Bishop Mike on March 5th. Mary Axon recounts: “Twenty-one people attended his service, which was delightful. He spoke about temptation, stressing that it was alright to break one’s Lenten pledges as it gave the opportunity to truly repent thereafter!” After lunch in Framlingham, he then walked to Earl Soham with Bishop Martin.

Please note that amid the busy schedule of services for Easter, on Palm Sunday, 9th April, there will be a joint service with Framlingham at St. Michael’s

April Meetings

Parish Council Meeting, April 13th, 7.30pm at Foxearth Lodge Nursing Home. At long last Suffolk Coastal are starting the process to have the toilets removed and the site made safe and secure. The Parish Council are pushing to have the Lay-by removed as part of the overall plan.

Annual Parochial Church Council meeting April 20th, 7pm

Ladies Coffee Morning: The second Wed of every month at The Old Mill House, 10.30am. Wed 8th March. All welcome.

All Change at Saxtead All Saints  

 The Church has given thanks for Liz’s time as Churchwarden and is now running a rota of people to help set the Church up for Sunday worship each week. If you would like to take part in this do call Hugh and Mary Wolley on 01728 685841 who are organising the rota. Help is much appreciated and there are instructions about what it entails. All Saints now has two new Church Wardens


Church Wardens

Rupert  and his wife, Frances, have been heavily involved with All Saints since their arrival two and a half years ago. They were drawn here from East Sussex by a property that promised to meet their family and business needs (their daughter and son-in-law breed racehorses). Rupert himself is a noise and vibration engineer. He is also an accomplished pianist and organist, regularly playing for his previous church, so he was the ideal person to replace Ivan Dickings. He has warmed to our little organ, which amply fulfils its role without being too complex for the amateur, grateful it has not been replaced by an electronic keyboard. His aim for the future? To help Saxtead keep going as a place of regular worship, for it exudes that very special atmosphere typical

Mary  is well known to us as a valued member of the church, on both the flower and cleaning rotas, as well as, with husband Hugh, allowing her family home, ‘The Barn’, to be used for Saxtead Church Fete, with all the preparation and planning that takes. She also has a distinguished career in the fine art world. Below is her report on  Rogation Sunday:

‘For the second year, this took place in Bill and Lorette Robert’s lovely garden. The service followed a traditional format, with hymns and readings interspersed with the blessing of fields, crops, trees, water and gardens in the vicinity. The electric piano was towed round the garden on a trailer behind Bill’s lawnmower, cleverly attached to previously secret electrical points. Amazingly, we managed to literally follow the music without either falling in the pond or over the wiring. The sun shone, the Vicar preached from a wonderful old carved oak pulpit by the pond and, having offered up our voices, we repaired to a lovely picnic lunch and barbecue in the garden. It was certainly a day to be grateful for our beautiful surroundings in Saxtead.

Sue Ward



Sue Ward. Saxtead Correspondent


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