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A Letter from our Rector Mark

6 June 2017

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Worship the Lord … Sunday by Sunday and during the week our hearts and souls may be moved to say a prayer, offer praise, find stillness, sing, play an instrument or ‘lift up our hearts.’ This range of phrases suggests that worship is not a single thing easily described. But it also suggests that it is very rich thing involving us mind, body and soul. So the first question – how do you worship? What do you find helpful?
Worship need not be a solo performance; indeed I would say should not be. As the heart beats so we are drawn together to worship as God’s people and then sent out to serve God’s world. This makes me question whether I could be a Christian on my own, I need others with differences and similarities to worship with that the comfort, mystery and challenge of God is better realised in my own life. So the second question how can we best shape our shared worship that it is attractive, that it feeds us and others and that it is approachable by those who are not used to our ways?
As humans gather together often special buildings or places of assembly are developed. Long before Jesus the burial mound, Stonehenge, a standing stone all played their part. For us beautiful medieval buildings in Framlingham and Saxtead can offer inspiration and a place apart. The third set of questions is how we use them to combine dignity, accessibility and hospitably.
Bishop Mike comes and shares these questions and others of his own with us on June 13th and July 4th at 7.30 in St Michael’s for both Framlingham and Saxtead. HE IS AN EXCELLENT SPEAKER, PRESENTER AND CHALLENGER. We need to come together to share and pray together and hear how God is calling us onwards.