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A Message from our Rector Mark

30 September 2017

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2017 – The Year of the Bishop!
No they are not endangered, nor is the UN giving them special protection, it is just that Framlingham is being blessed by seeing them a lot this year – their walk in March, Bishop Mike leading sessions on worship in July and now we see him and Bishop Martin again in October. Both times stress important parts of our shared Church life.  Taking them in reverse order:
October 29th 4pm – Bishop Martin is coming to lead the Confirmation Service which will also be a Holy Communion. This will be the main service that day as we support those making their Christian promises for themselves and making an important step on their Christian journey of following Christ and being a disciple. But it is a good time for all of us to think about our faith and the difference it makes. On September 10th at 9.30 Jeanette Gosney our preacher challenged us to think how our faith shows, how would anyone know we are God’s people?  This is a challenge for all of us to ponder and to support Issy Sholl, Florie Ryan, Jacqueline Ryan, Lucy Wasmuth and Christopher Wasmuth through your prayers and by being with them on the 29th.
Bishop Mike – is coming to the 9.30 at Framlingham and the 11.15 at Saxtead on October 15th and the theme will be healing as we are remembering St Luke who St Paul called ‘the beloved physician’ and so he has become a focus for the spiritual and physical healing work of the Church. At Framlingham there will be the opportunity for the laying on of hands and anointing with oil for those who want it alongside the giving of the Bread and Wine. At Saxtead there will be a similar opportunity and Bishop Mike will preach at both services explaining what this means and how it focuses us on the grace and mercy of God in our lives. This was arranged even before the March walk or the July worship sessions were known – but means we have benefited from his teaching ministry more than our fair share this year.
We can only be grateful for ‘The Year of the Bishops’ and pray for their ministry here and across the diocese.