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July Message from Rector Mark

7 July 2017

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Generosity of Bishops’ Lent Appeal:
The Bishops’ Lent appeal for Kagera has raised nearly £50,000 in just six weeks - with more money still coming in. A huge thank you to all those who supported the appeal, we have been overwhelmed by your generosity and care for our brothers and sisters in Kagera.  Parishioners across Suffolk spent the six weeks of Lent thinking, praying, and raising money to support Kagera. Many of our churches organised fundraising events. 
Bishop Martin said: “It is the most money ever raised in Suffolk for a Bishop's appeal. The funds will be used both for emergency food aid to help those suffering from famine, and for long-term development in the region. It's an incredible success and I am so grateful to all those who have supported our appeal to help those suffering right now in Kagera." Bishop Mike is flying out to Kagera during October, to meet the new Bishop of Kagera. He will see for himself at first-hand how people there need support. “The diocese of Kagera is desperate to support the hungry and to continue the educational processes of helping families and communities improve agriculture, and develop self-sufficiency. The money raised in Suffolk from the Bishops' Lent appeal will greatly assist in realising these aspirations.“Thank you so much for your support, and do keep in touch via the website at or by email on