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News from the Diocese

30 September 2017

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News from Kagera: Chris and Anji Dawkins, Kagera Link Coordinators, sent this report from Kagera. Thomas Shavu, the co-ordinator, is full of plans and thanks to the success of our Lent appeal some of them will now be realised. St Edmundsbury and Ipswich Diocese will be funding a three year programme of development work, led by Thomas. One of his major projects is tree planting. Because of the traditional practice of cutting down trees for fuel for cooking, the whole area is very bare, which has devastating results when the rains come – the topsoil is just washed away and no water stays in the ground. Thomas took us to one of six tree nurseries he has set up across the Diocese, where we met a group of villagers caring for 100,000 tree seedlings. For their labour, watering and tending the seedlings over the next few months, the villagers will be given a selection of trees to plant on their own land. The rest of the seedlings will be given to local institutions to provide a long term investment and income for the future. So to all those who took part in the Lent appeal, another big thank you from us and from Thomas for giving him the ability to continue this work – and much more.