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August's Letter from Rector Mark

14 August 2018

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I am glad not to be a politician! One debating chamber with so many strongly held different views must be an exhausting place to be. In August they have a break … or do they? As I write the News is saying that ministers are off touring Europe trying to ‘sell’ the Chequers Agreement. You may be wondering why I start the holiday month Rector’s letter like this! In part out of sympathy – working through difficult almost intractable issues cannot be pleasurable. Jacob Rees-Mogg, hardly a fan of the Prime Minister’s views, recognises and respects the strong sense of civic duty she displays. Listening to him made me reflect on two things – first how the word ‘duty’ now tends to be regarded. Just recently I have been pondering with others how to organise this year’s 100th anniversary of the Armistice. A sense of duty took so many young men off to fight in two world wars. Does ‘duty’ have overtones of imposition and power being exercised to make another person fall into line? The word duty has now shifted from being a ‘good’ word to one which people are suspicious of. But Jesus gives us a picture of the Son of God going through the cost of bearing his duty to love and redeem. Is that a proper use of the word duty? Duty is linked to service and still should be. But Brexit politicians do their hard duty by loving peace and justice rather than being self-interested. In fact politicians need help – this is St Paul’s view. For him Christians should pray for those in authority. I for one believe that our present politicians need our prayers as I find it hard to believe that the poorest in our society would not be affected by ‘crashing out’ of Europe. We can disagree with that – but not our duty to pray for those in authority. As they hopefully get some rest and refreshment – and as the negotiations continue let us pray that God is at work in those negotiations for the good of all