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A Message from our Rector Mark:

27 October 2018

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 A Message from our Rector Mark:
‘Bothered?’ Sharon Tate’s young person in Little Britain used this phrase a lot with a sneering, pugnacious face. This was some years ago now so today’s young people may not even know it! Why mention it? The picture of young people is that they are not bothered, not concerned, out for themselves. Some maybe, but not true of so many. Like their parents and grandparents they have plenty to concern them, lives to live and some have a real passion for a world to save. A few express their passion for life by exploring faith. The PCC have been doing an exercise for ‘Growing in God’ where we are asked to look at what we are developing and what we are challenged by. It was not a surprise to any of the PCC that we saw working with young people (11-18 or 11-25 or even 11-40) as quite a challenge. We are not alone; it is true of all the Churches in the deanery and in Framlingham Churches Together. As part of the Deanery Plan the New Vicar at Wickham Market – Leslie Siu – who begins this month (please pray for him and his family) has an allocated one day a week to help the deanery address this issue. This doesn’t mean he becomes the Deanery Youth Worker and dashes about leading youth groups – however wonderful - he doesn’t have the time. His focus will be helping young people engage and share their faith. Framlingham, Wickham and many deanery churches share the Upper School at Thomas Mills and there is a Church Upper School in Debenham and the College has its own Chaplain. All the clergy are meeting together to pray and talk to the Diocesan Youth Officer who took the harvest assemblies at Thomas Mills this year. We hope to build up the links in order to support the young disciples. We may or may not see them in St Michael’s but if we manage to help them to be bold and enquiring in their faith this will be an important piece of work


Ringing for Armistice:  We are pleased to say that 172 church towers across the diocese have confirmed they will be ringing to commemorate the centenary of the end of WWI.  So, that's very nearly 100% of ringable towers.  Thank you for all your support on achieving this. 

Prayer Corner:

O God of many names, Lover of all nations,
we pray for peace in our hearts, in our homes, in our nations,  in our world.
The peace of your will.
The peace of our need.   Amen.