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Farewell from Mark and July News

24 June 2020

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A Farewell Letter from Mark:

Goodbyes - I don’t like them - do you?
But not being able to say them properly isn’t
good either.
Given everything that has happened over the
last few years, not to say the last few months,
it would have been good to have a get together
of some sort, but sadly not to be although there
may be a chance with some ‘Zooms with Mark’
see the details below. It is likely the final
service will be by Zoom - it is certainly what we
are preparing for as a socially distanced
service even in St Michael’s would be a
Back to goodbyes - I can remember my Mother
reminding me as a child to say ‘thank you’ as I
left. I hope you realise how grateful I am for our
companionship during these years, the shared
prayers and worship, thinking about God and
trying to reach out with his love to the people of
Framlingham and Saxtead and beyond. Much
of what I have done has been done with you
and expressed something of the Kingdom
values of a God who reaches out to us, abides
with us in trouble, shapes us and helps us. I
include the active and retired ministers and
thank them. But not just them God has gifted
all of us and I have come to value how much
you do for others and in so doing you serve
God. I am aware how much some have given
and how essential this has been - thank you.
At the heart of this is prayer which can be done
by all of us, for everyone - ‘persevere in prayer’
as we were reminded in Terry’s sermon
recently. It is a good message for what we
hope will be a short vacancy. Pray for Chris
Davey as he finishes at Coggeshall and other
parishes. Pray for our communities and our
world as it works at Covid 19 and its
consequences. May the world be able to show
Kingdom values not just during the disease but
as we come out of it later.
At the heart of our message is faith, hope and
love and whatever God is calling us to next
may He guide and bless us all. Mark

Zoom with Mark
Mark is holding Zoom meetings for people to
chat and say goodbye on the following dates:
26th June at 10.30am: 29th June at 3.30pm
30th June at 10.30am and 2nd July at 3.30pm
Please email the office if you would like to join
any of these, and Linda will send the links.

St Michael’s is open for private prayer:
Entry is via the little south door (under the

Prayer Corner
Dear Lord and Father of all, guide our
decisions, support us when we stumble,
comfort the sick and dying, and give strength
to our families and friends.
So renew us with your Spirit that, filled with
your inspiration, this day may become a
turning point on our journey to your kingdom.
Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer, for Jesus’

Amen. Revd Frank Topping

A Prayer for Retirement:
Lord, here I stand with a new horizon ahead of
me. I know I am entering a later phase of life,
yet I feel so much the same inside. Help me to
seize each sunrise, and fully live each day.
May I be guided by You, and walk into this new
landscape with hope and confidence.
May I engage with the beauty of creation, and
connect with the passions, hopes and dreams I
had when young. My prayer is not to leave
anything behind, but to walk forwards into all I
can be, all I can enjoy, and all I can give.
May this new page, the next chapter of my life,
be shared with You. Amen.