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In to the wilderness – A zoom quiet day for Lent Saturday March 6th 2021 led by Rev Chris Davey

15 February 2021

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In to the Wilderness

In to the wilderness – A zoom quiet day for Lent

Saturday March 6th 2021 led by Rev Chris Davey


All prayer and reflections on zoom

9.30 am Morning Prayer and first reflection

11.45 am midday prayer and second reflection

1.30 pm third reflection

3.30 pm Evening Prayer and final reflection.



To book a place please email framparish@gmail.com


What is a quiet day?

A quiet day is an opportunity to intentionally set a day aside to walk closely with God. The day is led so that participants can simply attend and join in the worship, and in listening to the reflections be led into times of silence for private prayer and contemplation. A quiet day will often have an overarching theme which may tie into a liturgical season.

How does a quiet day work on zoom?

In non Covid times a quiet day would usually take place in a church building or retreat centre but during Covid times that is not possible so our homes become that place of reflection. Participants use the zoom link provided to join in the simple acts of worship and to listen to the reflections. The intervening periods of silence are spent in your own home or garden.

Is lockdown the right time for a quiet day?

It is always profitable to spend time with God contemplating your spiritual journey, in lockdown many people are finding they have time but we so easily fill that time with things. This quiet day is an invitation to use one day in a different way, and although you won’t physically be with others you will be sharing the journey with the other participants in a spiritual way. So yes lockdown can be a very good time for a different format of quiet day.

What am I supposed to do in the silence?

The idea is to have an uncluttered day, but the silence might be a place to sit quietly and pray or think about the reflection that immediately preceded it. If you are creative you might be inspired to write poetry or paint a picture. You may have a spiritual book that you could read if you find silence particularly difficult – for example a Lent book.

I live in a busy house how can I take part?

It is often a matter of some planning. Explain to those who share your life your decision and ask them to help you keep a quiet day by giving you space and time. If possible set a room aside to use, have somewhere comfortable to sit, make sure the space is warm or that you are dressed appropriately for comfort. Declutter the space in the days before so that it feels sacred, light a candle, arrange some flowers, have a Bible handy, have a prayer focus like a cross or icon. Tell family and friends that you won’t be available via telephone, email or text during the time. Arrange a way that you can be contacted in an emergency. Use of outdoor space such as a garden or walk in the country can be very helpful too in the quiet times. Nature can often make us feel closer to God. You might want to play some sacred music perhaps.

How else can I prepare for the day?

Planning can really help. Prepare your lunch the evening before so you don’t have to distract yourself on the day. Make a flask of tea or coffee if you share your home with others to allow you to remain in your quiet space more easily. Pray in the days before asking God to meet you in the quiet day and tell God how much you are looking forward to the quiet time together. Make sure you have the zoom link the evening before. Make sure you have a copy of the timetable and maybe have an alarm set to remind you when it’s time to log back on to zoom for the next worship or reflection.

I don’t really like silence

Many people find silence difficult, this can often be because we are not sure what to do with it or in it. The quiet day leader will often suggest a way that you might spend the silence, things to reflect on etc. But how you spend the time between reflections is between you and God,

Can I attend if I can only do part of the day?

The quick answer is yes but please make this clear when you are booking so the group are not waiting for you in sessions that you will not attend. Be aware that days are usually designed to be a journey so although reflections can often stand alone they are created to lead from beginning to end.

What helps on the day?

Please be on time for each session as it distracting to the leader and other participants if you are late. Remember this is a quiet day, not a time to chat with those on screen but to join with them in prayer and intention. Remember to mute when you enter.  All worship material will be shown on the screen, but the leader will take the service and do the readings so if it is not easy to follow on your screen for any reason you can just listen.

Is there a cost?

The day has no financial cost and is offered as a gift from the church to support your growth in faith on your journey of discipleship.

To book a place please email framparish@gmail.com