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March 2019 Message from our Rector, Mark

22 February 2019

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A Letter from our Rector, Mark     Lent 2019:

A late Lent this year, normally we have started it in February. We can hope for a warm Lent with primroses and daffodils (but what will the Easter flowers be?) but we should also hope for a Lent which helps us to draw closer to God – how can we do that this year?
There will be a booklet for everyone called the Generosity of God where the different preachers have added to the thoughts they will be sharing during the services. You can use it to prepare for the Sunday or perhaps better use it a few times during the week after. The thoughts are from Bishop Mike who comes on the 24th and from Michael Stedman and myself who are preaching on the other Sundays
Instead of study groups this year the Deanery is trying to gather people together to study Jesus’ ‘I am…’ sayings in John’s Gospel. Details of this are later in this leaflet – PLEASE COME the speakers are the writer and speaker Andrea Skevington and the Very Rev Keith Jones former Dean of York Minster. Both are good thoughtful speakers and refreshingly different from each other.
Then there is the hardest Lent question – what shall I give up? I’m not going to answer that but invite you to consider joining in the Diocesan Lent Kagera appeal. Like the one two years ago this gives insights into what it is like to live in our link diocese of Kagera and invites you to pay for some of the blessings we have.
In a sense that ties in with the theme of the Generosity of God. Lent leads to Holy Week and Easter – a time when we remember God’s generosity to the point of death on the Cross and the generosity which opens up hope in despair and life there was death which is the Resurrection. Mark.