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May News from our Rector

28 April 2019

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A Letter from our Rector, Mark

Special days
That is the theme for our Flower Festival from 25-27th May this year. We did discuss calling it ‘Happy Days’ but for those of us of a certain generation it might have meant we hoped the Fonz was coming and it was all about the TV show. But no it isn’t, so alternative names were sought. This title is nice and open.
It suggests the special days of the church – Christmas, Easter, Pentecost and the others – some of which will have special flower arrangements. As will the days which mark out special family days – baptism (christening as many still call it). Weddings, birthdays, high days and holidays. There will be arrangements for some of those too.
On Sunday 26th at 10am we are having a special service – in part marking some of the days, linking our lives with Jesus’ life and special days for us. This in part will focus on Baptism and WE NEED YOUR HELP! Do you have a picture of you being baptised at Framlingham – or of you as a baby if baptised at Framlingham. We would love some photos to put up a display. If you have one:
1. Please drop it into the Rectory or the letter box on the outside of St Michael’s Rooms or even email a copy, or scan and email to framparish@gmail.com
2. If you want the picture back please include your name, address, tel nos and we will endeavour to return it
3.We are planning to make a display of those we receive for the Gala weekend.
Most of all come along, help out, join in and make notes of all the different parts of the three days – especially the Laura Wright concert (Saturday 27th) tickets are already going
Other news
Please support your Churchwarden and assistants at the Visitation Service at Wickham Market 7.30pm May 1st as they get sworn in.
May 13th Knitters and Stitchers trip to Felixstowe to visit the Seafarers’ Centre and lunch. (See Diocesan item below)
May 30th 7.30pm Ascension Day – Dea