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Monthly News January 2019

2 January 2019

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Church calendars for Jan/Feb:

* Every Wednesday at 10.30am, Holy Communion in church

January Services at St Michael’s.

8 am every Sunday Holy Communion BCP) 

6th  9.30am Family Communion

13th 9.30am Parish Communion

20th 9.30am Parish Communion

27th 9.30am Parish Communion.

February Services at St Michael’s 

3rd  9.30am Family Communion

       Christingle Service for Candlemas

10th 9.30am Parish Communion

17th 9.30am Parish Communion

      4.00pm Alive@4 in St Michael’s Rooms

24th 9.30am Parish Communion


January Services at All Saints Saxtead

2nd No Service at Saxtead

13th 11.15am Holy Communion (BCP)

16th 11.15am Holy Communion (CW)

27th 11.15am Morning Prayer

February Services at All Saints Saxtead

3rd 11.15am Holy Communion (CW)

10th 11.15am Holy Communion (BCP)

17th 11.15am Holy Communion (CW)

24th 11.15am Morning Prayer

News from the Diocese:

The Abbey of St Edmund: Past, Present & Future
at St Edmundsbury Cathedral
Saturday 26 January 2019 10.00am-4.00pm

2020 marks the Millennium of the foundation of the Abbey of St Edmund, a place of international pilgrimage and a seat of immense power and wealth throughout the middle ages. This major public event will take place within the ancient precincts of the abbey, in the nave of St Edmundsbury Cathedral.   It will reveal the exciting results of recent research into the abbey by Richard Hoggett Heritage and Purcell UK and provide an open forum to consider the future of this treasured yet vulnerable site.  Ticket price is £20 (with concessions available) and includes refreshments and a buffet lunch.    To book please visit:,-present--future 

From Framlingham College
Pete and Bev Pickford are visiting the College on Thursday 10th Jan at 7:30 pm. 

They are world renowned National Geographic Photographers and will be giving an illustrated lecture that evening. It will be an amazing evening, with images from their four year expedition to Last Wilderness areas of our planet. Members of Framsoc are free, for non-members the charge is £5.00.  
Please email Amanda Taylor on


Prayer Corner:
Heavenly Father, we thank You for the year that has passed and the many blessings You have showered upon us. We beg your pardon in our many failings and trespasses. Please help us to make the New Year a more fruitful and blessed one.

We also thank You for every test of time that has brought us stronger in faith and trust in You, and we ask you to give us the strength and comfort of yourHoly Spirit. Amen


St Michael’s Church Framlingham with All Saints Saxtead

Parish Newsletter: January 2019
Please take this home with you.
Everyone is welcome to join us at all our Services, see inside for all the details.

Rector: The Rev Canon Mark Sanders
Tel: 01728 768875
Parish Office: Telephone 01728 621255

Visit our website for lots more information:

A Letter from our Rector Mark: Inevitably I am writing this before Christmas – so I can’t see beyond it into the New Year yet! But perhaps that is a message anyway. We are not meant to leave Christmas behind but take the joy and hope of Emmanuel – God with us – into the New Year.

Such a hope is not like New Year Resolutions and promises – made on31st December or New Year’s Day and dropped by … (insert your quickest departure from a resolution). For while there is a promise in Emmanuel it is one made by God to us. Perhaps the greatest promise but not the only one.

First is the promise of Creation all around us, for it was made and given meaning for and by us. Without that promise we are an accident of genes of cosmic proportions. With God’s sense of direction running through creation there is the promise of purpose in our lives. In part it is to care for that which we have been given. So part of this year’s resolutions could be about practical things – about use of plastics, awareness of how our use of resources affects climate, or simple thankfulness for all that we have.


Second is the promise of Jesus – not just the cradle but also the cross – God’s love expressed from cradle to grave – and of course beyond. The promise that God is with us n best and worst of times because in Jesus He has experienced them. But also transformed them – not taken them away but brought new possibilities to give to us.


Third is the promise of the Spirt ‘who gives life to the People of God.’ As the Baptism service says. May we all seek to be still, to pray, to learnt through our Bibles – and through one another in fellowship and in worship. Through those things God’s promises will be seen as that and the generosity of God will be realised more


Wishing you a truly Happy New Year



St Michael’s Church News:.
The Prayer Group will meet on January 21st at Joyce Spruce’s house from 7 – 8pm. If you would like further information, please contact Joyce on 01728 724495 or 
Alison on 724145.

FOSM Lunch: Thurs 17th January at 12.30 in the Conservative Club. All welcome to this delicious lunch -.There is a booking sheet at the back of the church for you to sign up if you would like to join us.

   What is a Christingle Service?

Now in its 50th year, Christingle is a special, memorable celebration that takes place in thousands of churches and schools across the country.  The celebration is named after the Christingles that are lit during the service. They are made from an orange decorated with red tape, sweets and a candle, which have a special symbolism that is explained during the service.

With your help, Christingle raises vital funds to help vulnerable children, though the work of the Children’s Society.  

We shall be holding our Christingle Service at St Michael’s on Candlemas Day, Sunday 3rd February at 9.30am

All Saints Church News:
By the time you read thus, most of the festivities will be over, presents opened and waistlines will be bearing witness to our land of plenty, in contrast to the circumstances of Jesus' humble origins. There has been much for us to enjoy in Saxtead: firstly our coffee morning kindly hosted by Christina Darell Brown; a delicious village lunch courtesy of Nick and Ruth, then some joyful and even melodious carols in the pub, each event being really well attended. Finally the iconic Christmas Eve service which marks for many of us the start of a great family and religious festival.   January can, be quite flat, so we look forward , as George Cullingford stressed during his vote of thanks for our Christmas lunch at The Old Mill House. We have the summer fete to prepare and enjoy, followed by the Animal Service in George's garden- where all creatures, from guinea pigs to donkeys, are welcome. bonus this year will be the weekend festival on 21st/22nd September celebrating the many skills and talents of our residents. There will be demonstrations and displays taking place in venues across the village, especially around the church.Events should include a village meal ,tug of war and quiz, ending with a concert in the church showcasing our talented young people and others.  Mark Sanders explains that the principal aim is to bring the village together to raise money for restoring parts of the Church and making it more useful as a community building, providing water and other facilities. 

A meeting for potential volunteers of all kinds will be held at The Old Mill House on Thursday 10th January at 7.p.m.. There will be something for everyone, so please come! SW