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June Message from our Rector Mark

29 May 2019

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A Letter from our Rector, Mark                  

Ethical questions

There seems to be a lot of these around at the moment. The new regulations about abortion in Alabama, euthanasia in so many western countries, let alone issues of divorce, just war… How as Christians can we make sense of them? I remember going at some of these forty years ago and not coming to firm conclusions. Edith as part of her Reader training is studying them at the moment.

For some the definitive answers are in the Bible. I’m not sure I’d phrase it like that – the Bible sometimes put different emphases on similar questions. The Bible shows how different ages and societies work at these issues. We are called to use our medical knowledge, our intelligence which along with the Bible shapes experience and understanding. As Christians we ask ourselves: what did Jesus say, how did Jesus react, how does the love and challenge he consistently showed, challenge and love us into new reactions.

Some Christians look for definitive answers, personally I think Bible, prayer, intellect, and a sense of the Spirit makes us ask new questions. So when we sit alongside those who are going through these issues we deeply listen before we open our mouths in judgement.

I can’t remember what marks I got in my ethics essays! You may want to disagree (ethics seems to be full of people doing that) – but in the face of suffering let us listen and let us pray together.  .