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New Year Message

2 January 2019

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A Letter from our Rector Mark: 

Inevitably I am writing this before Christmas – so I can’t see beyond it into the New Year yet! But perhaps that is a message anyway. We are not meant to leave Christmas behind but take the joy and hope of Emmanuel – God with us – into the New Year.

Such a hope is not like New Year Resolutions and promises – made on31st December or New Year’s Day and dropped by … (insert your quickest departure from a resolution). For while there is a promise in Emmanuel it is one made by God to us. Perhaps the greatest promise but not the only one.

First is the promise of Creation all around us, for it was made and given meaning for and by us. Without that promise we are an accident of genes of cosmic proportions. With God’s sense of direction running through creation there is the promise of purpose in our lives. In part it is to care for that which we have been given. So part of this year’s resolutions could be about practical things – about use of plastics, awareness of how our use of resources affects climate, or simple thankfulness for all that we have.


Second is the promise of Jesus – not just the cradle but also the cross – God’s love expressed from cradle to grave – and of course beyond. The promise that God is with us n best and worst of times because in Jesus He has experienced them. But also transformed them – not taken them away but brought new possibilities to give to us.


Third is the promise of the Spirt ‘who gives life to the People of God.’ As the Baptism service says. May we all seek to be still, to pray, to learnt through our Bibles – and through one another in fellowship and in worship. Through those things God’s promises will be seen as that and the generosity of God will be realised more


Wishing you a truly Happy New Year