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November News

27 October 2020

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Letter from our

Rev Chris Davey 2

We are moving towards winter and the concerns over
the coronavirus are ever present and remain headline
news. This constant stream of worrying news
can feed into our lives and keep us in a
constant state of anxiety, and at such times
prayer can be a valuable tool to counteract
some of the tension. Many people struggle with
the thought of prayer; they think they don’t do it
often enough, well enough, have the right
words etc. There are lots of recognised
methods of prayer, but at the end of the day
we must pray as we can, not as others think
we should. In this time why not renew your
commitment to some prayer time each day?
Find a comfortable place where it’s quieter,
and simply sit down, slow your breathing and
invite God into the space you are consciously
preparing. Then you can chat to God as you
would the person you love most in all the world
or just be quiet. Some people like to light a
candle as a focus, some play a piece of
meaningful music. It’s not how you pray but
that you pray. It’s free, which must make it a
spiritual bargain!
We are hearing lots about how our present
time is affecting the mental health of our
youngsters, so towards the end of November
we are going to begin a new venture for
children and families using zoom called
“Tales with Toast”. It will be a Sunday tea time
gathering to hear stories for us to wonder
about. You won’t have to do anything, just
come with a cup of tea and slice of toast (or
whatever you enjoy), turn the bright lights off,
wear your comfy clothes and listen to a story;
there will be a gentle prayer or two, and we
hope there will be lots of laughter and lots of
wondering. Look out for more details in the
next few weeks. It’s another opportunity to
step away from all the bad news and just be.
The good news is that children can invite their
parents and grandparents to be part of this,
even if they are separated by miles, that’s the
wonder of zoom.
So in the gloom of shortening days and
increasing restrictions, let’s not lose heart, but
create more and more opportunities for
wonder, prayer, and deep joy!
Love, Chris

St Michael’s Church
Framlingham with
All Saints Saxtead
Parish Newsletter: November 2020
Priest-in-Charge: Revd Chris Davey,
tel: 01728 723454
Contact details for Parish Office:
Tel: 01728 638512
Email framparish@gmail.com
Visit our website for more information:http://www.stmichaelsframlingham.org.uk/

St Michael’s Framlingham

Tails from the Rectory
Basil is a four old crossbreed
and Archie a three year old

black lab. They both have
wet cold noses, bright
excited eyes and the waggiest tails you ever saw!                     
Being a Rectory dog was nothing new to Basil or
Archie, they had quite got the hang of it. That
said, in Framlingham the Rectory garden had
held a lot of surprises! There were muntjacs who
barked in the night but hid in the day, so the boys
only glimpsed them occasionally. Then there
were the squirrels who scurried along the top of
the fence so quickly that even when chasing
them at full throttle, you could never catch one.
There were the ducks who walked past with their
beaks in the air as if too posh to lower
themselves to speak to dogs! These were
exciting days.
As the dogs settled into their new home the long
sunny days were drawing to a close and the first
hint of Autumn was just beginning to paint the
leaves brown. One warm afternoon both dogs
were laid in the garden. They had just finished
the hopeless task of chasing squirrels and were
now recovering in the cool grass. Basil was trying
to sleep but Archie was laid on his back with four
paws in the air watching the clouds.
‘O look!’ said Archie out loud, ‘that cloud looks
like a biscuit’. Basil was too relaxed to even open
one eye a little bit, especially as the cloud that
Archie thought looked like a sausage roll looked
nothing like it. Labradors are usually thinking
about food! Basil was just about to start his
planned snooze when Archie suddenly sat up.
“Isn’t the world a wonderful thing! “ he asked
brightly. “All the colours and smells?” “Yes” said
Basil wisely, “God did a great job”. Archie was
quite for a little while, he knew Basil was clever,
after all he was older and had been a Rectory
dog for longer than him (something of which he
reminded Archie of regularly. “What’s God got to
do with it?” Asked Archie casually.
Basil gave a long sigh, as he could be rather
pompous when he wanted to be. Luckily Archie
was so dappy he never noticed. He laid down
right by Basil’s head and stared at him intently
until Basil opened an eye and began to explain. “
The bible tells us that God created everything” he
began, “he made it all because he loves us and
he filled the world with all the things we need. Not
just food and water, but beauty, flowers, music,

colour and of course, best of all, love”. Archie
thought hard for a moment (which is very hard for
a Labrador).
“So God made that tree?” He asked looking at
the tall pine just beyond the fence.. “Yes”
answered Basil. “And God made this grass?”
Asked Archie quizzically . “Yes!” said Basil
emphatically. “And did God make this?” Asked
Archie, going cross-eyed as he tried to focus on
the ladybug which had landed on the end of his
nose. “Yes, God made everything!!!” Said Basil
without even opening his eyes to see what Archie
was talking about. “Wow”, said Archie in
amazement , trying hard to get his eyes
uncrossed. “How do you know all these things?”
He asked, rather in awe of Basil’s wisdom.
“Because”, said Basil (rather grandly) “it says so
in the bible, in the first book which is called
Genesis. It says that God made the world and
everything in it.” Basil was sure that’s what Chris
has said when they were curled up on the sofa
having a cuddle and story while Archie was fast

asleep the evening before.
Archie was quiet for a long time (well a long time
for a Labrador); he was sure Basil was right, he
usually was. There was just one thing he still
needed to know. He was about to ask, ‘so what
is a bible?’ When they both pricked their ears up.
Yes, that was definitely the front door. That could
only mean that Chris was
back from church and you
know what that meant? Yep,
biscuits!! At the thought of
biscuits Archie’s question
evaporated and both dogs
charged crazily into the
house in search of treats!!