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29 March 2019

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A Letter from our Rector, Mark
  The Message of Lent and Easter:
At the heart of what we are doing through Lent and Easter is celebrating together the Generosity of God. The love of the Prodigal Father who overflows with love for the runaway Son began Lent for us, the love of those who fall short and who are willing to be restored. The I am sayings are being explored during Wednesday evenings and I want to take one of them as a message as we head towards Easter. Jesus said ‘I am the Way, the Truth and the life no one comes to the Father except through me’

Jesus is the Way; sometimes this is taken as an exclusive statement. But this means Jesus becomes not the Way for humanity to find God but the opposite – a roadblock. Colossians talks of the universal Christ bringing humanity together not separating them out into separate tribes. That in Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek – but people trying to find God and realise His love and generosity. Thank God for this! Compare it to the actions of white man shooting Moslems at prayer and, yes, the actions of Jihadists who shoot at other religions. Faith can produce huge blocks when coupled with race, politics and money. Christ breaks down the barriers and produces a way.

Jesus gives us the Truth that God loves us, that Jesus loves us so much that hatred is destroyed not by power but by love and care, by the sacrifice of the Cross which reunites with God who shows us the true way.

Jesus is the Life that helps us to live, giving meaning through suffering (and through joy, but this is Lent!) and into death and beyond death that in ways which breaks all human expectations or understandings unites us together in the Way.
The Way, the Truth, the Life challenges the horrors of white supremacists in Christchurch and through love, death and resurrection gives us true life and hope.

Which means I can wish you a very Happy Easter, and once Lent is over say

‘Alleluia! Christ is Risen’. Mark