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with All Saints Saxtead

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Framlingham Sunday Services

Every Sunday: BCP Eucharist at 8:00 am, service lasts half an hour.

Every Sunday: Parish Eucharist at 9:30 am, service lasts for an hour.

Every Wednesday: Holy Communion in the church at 10:30 am.

1st Sunday of every month: Family Service for all ages at 9:30 am, service lasts for 1 hour.

Please consult the calendar to find out specific service details: Calendar

Tower Team Children’s activities during the 9.30am service: we would be very pleased if any children here today would like to come and join in some Sunday school activities in the Tower Room just before the sermon starts

Church Calendars for MAY and JUNE 2019

N.B. Every Wednesday at 10.30am, Holy Communion in St Michael's Framlingham


May Services at St Michael’s FRAMLINGHAM
5th 9.30am Family Communion
12th 9,30am Parish Communion
19th 9.30am Parish communion
26th 10am Flower Festival Service, ……Celebrating   Baptism

June Services at St Michael’s FRAMLINGHAM
2nd 9.30am Family Communion
9th 9,30am Parish Communion
16th 9.30am Parish Communion
23rd 9.30am Parish Communion
30th 9.30am Parish Communion

May Services at All Saints Saxtead
5th 11.15am Holy Communion (BCP)
12th 11.15am Holy Communion (CW)
19th 11.15am Holy Communion (BCP)
26th 6.30pm, Evening Prayer (BCP)

June Services at All Saints Saxtead
2nd 11.30 Rogation at Trust Farm
9th 11.15am Holy Communion (BCP)
16th 11.15am Holy Communion (CW)
23rd 6.30pm, Evening Prayer (BCP)
30th 11.15 am H