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Services as of 05.01.21

St Michael’s and All Saints are closed temporarily and awaiting further national guidance. SEE Framlingham News from Rev Chris Davey 07.01.21

St  Michael’s Framlingham

Said Communion on Wednesdays at 10.30am from 9th December

Said BCP Communion at 8.00am on Sundays

All Saints Saxtead:

11.15am: 1st and 3rd Sundays Morning Prayer, 2nd, 4th and 5th Holy Communion

Please note that you will need to wear a face-covering inside
St Michaels or All Saints Saxtead.

   but face masks must be worn at all times


9.30am A range of worship on Zoom with music; no service in Church

 Do join us at our Zoom services each Sunday at 9.30am details from our Parish Administrator by email  framparish@gmail.com


Thank you to everyone who has embraced the ongoing St Michael’s Zoom online worship. We have met weekly since March 2020 for St Michael’s Online Worship and have been fortunate not to have had any Zoom service failures.  As we approach the winter and possible electricity outages, broadband failures or illness it is essential to share the backup plan we have in place.

Please be aware

  • If a Zoom service fails for everyone and you are unable to join the start of the meeting please close that Zoom login and expect to receive an email from either our Parish Administrator or Rev Chris Davey with a NEW LOGIN.  We would aim to restart 15 minutes after the original service start time. 
  • If a Zoom service fails during the service then please check your email for a new link from our Parish Administrator or Rev Chris Davey with a NEW LOGIN. We would aim to restart 15 minutes after the service shut down unless the service was almost finished.