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All Saints’ Church Feb 2019 News and Services

29 January 2019

All Saints’ Church Feb 2019 News:
Saxtead has certainly started the New Year on a positive note! A terrific response from the village to the idea of a community festival next September. So many people braved the elements to attend the initial volunteer meeting on January 10th at the Old Mill House. Excellent suggestions were made by people ranging in age from eight to eighty alongside pledges of support for the many activities. Who would have believed there were so many hidden talents here! And a special thank you to those new to Saxtead for joining in.

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Happy New Year from Saxtead

2 January 2019

All Saints Church News:
By the time you read thus, most of the festivities will be over, presents opened and waistlines will be bearing witness to our land of plenty, in contrast to the circumstances of Jesus' humble origins. There has been much for us to enjoy in Saxtead: firstly our coffee morning kindly hosted by Christina Darell Brown; a delicious village lunch courtesy of Nick and Ruth, then some joyful and even melodious carols in the pub, each event being really well attended. Finally the iconic Christmas Eve service which marks for many of us the start of a great family and religious festival.   January can, be quite flat, so we look forward , as George Cullingford stressed during his vote of thanks for our Christmas lunch at The Old Mill House. We have the summer fete to prepare and enjoy, followed by the Animal Service in George's garden- where all creatures, from guinea pigs to donkeys, are welcome. bonus this year will be the weekend festival on 21st/22nd September celebrating the many skills and talents of our residents. There will be demonstrations and displays taking place in venues across the village, especially around the church.Events should include a village meal ,tug of war and quiz, ending with a concert in the church showcasing our talented young people and others.  Mark Sanders explains that the principal aim is to bring the village together to raise money for restoring parts of the Church and making it more useful as a community building, providing water and other facilities. 

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“Advent and Beyond” News from Saxtead

28 November 2018

All Saint’s Church News:
Something in the air: There is so much to look forward to with the approach of Christmas but firstly, advance notice that we hope to hold a festival in Saxtead on Sept 21st/22nd2019 celebrating the many talents and skills of the people of Saxtead with an array of exhibitions, demonstrations and a concert! We need you all; peoples of all ages living in the vicinity, especially the youngsters, something for everyone.To take part or contribute in any way ring Lorette Roberts on 07824 357295 or email Sue Ward . We would love to hear from you. More details to follow.
Iris HammondWe are sorry to hear of the death of Iris who lived in Saxtead for over 50 years. She was a dearly loved member of the community who will be remembered for her cheery smile and a pleasant word for all.
Ladies coffee morning: Wed 12th Dec at 10.30am Many thanks to Christina Darell Brown who, with her husband, Anthony, recently came to live at Meadow Lodge. She has volunteered to be our hostess!
The village lunch will take place at 12 pm on Friday 14th December at The Old Mill House
A mere snip at £10 as Nick and Ruth are kindly holding it at last year's price.  Come and join us and meet your neighbours.
Christmas carols in the pubDecember 20th from 7pm, with musical accompaniment. Fun for everyone!(Please look in the newsletter for the list of Special Christmas services.)

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November News from Saxtead

5 November 2018

All Saint’s Church News:

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Autumn News

5 November 2018

All Saint’s Church News:
Ladies Coffee Morning and plant swap: The second Wed of every month at The Old Mill House, 10.30am. Wed 10th Oct. All welcome.
Baptisms in September: Daisy May Overton on Saturday 22nd September at 2pm
Pet and Teddy Service on September16th. It gives me great pleasure to report that the Pet Service kindly hosted by the Cullingfords was an enormous success. On a golden Sept afternoon about fifty people gathered to celebrate the many parts played by animals in our lives through a variety of bible readings and hymns. A big thank you to the local youngsters who read so eloquently and to the congregation who sang heartily!! This is fast becoming an annual favourite! Sue W.
Today Autumn has really arrived. The trees are laden with berries and fruits. The crops are in, the fields neatly readied for the next sewing.  Barbara Dring is kindly organising a Plant swap - Bring your spare/unwanted plants to the Ladies Coffee morning at the Old Mill House on October 10th and swap them for something else.
Harvest festival on October 7th will be swiftly followed by Remembrance Sunday on November 11th as we move towards Christmas itself. Please feel welcome to join us at any or all of these services

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August News

14 August 2018

All Saint’s Church News:
We have been fortunate this year to celebrate so many events in good weather. However, with such a golden harvest around us, let's hope the farmers get the conditions they need to bring it all safely home.
A reminder of some events to come that will hopefully attract clement weather:
Ladies Coffee Morning: The second Wed of every month at The Old Mill House, 10.30am. Wed 8th August. All welcome including the xchildren!!
Weddings in August: Rosa Akerman and Jake Edwards – Saturday 25th August. We wish them all God’s blessings and every happiness for their future together.
Suffolk historic Churches Bike ride: A special plea for as many people as possible to support this fun event, taking place on September 8th and now known as Ride and Stride (i.e., cycle or walk) full details can be found on the Internet, including downloadable forms. Ride & Stride is run entirely by volunteers and is inter-denominational, with cyclists invited to seek sponsors for each place of worship visited by them between 9.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. on Ride & Stride Day. The money raised by each participant is shared equally between the Suffolk Historic Churches Trust and their nominated place of worship. As important as the cyclists, are the many volunteers who give up the day to sign the cyclists in. It is a real community effort and is the lifeblood of the Trust.' Sarah Rimmer is looking for volunteers to man All Saints for an hourly stint somewhere between 10a.m. and 4p.m. Her mobile number is 07792 158764. Sarah also has sponsorship forms. Come and join the fun!

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June News

10 June 2018

Ladies Coffee Morning: The second Wed of every month at The Old Mill House, 10.30am. Wednesday 13th June. All welcome.

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May News

23 May 2018

Ladies Coffee Morning:

The second Wed of every month at The Old Mill House, 10.30am. Wednesday 9th May. All welcome.

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April News

18 April 2018

Ladies Coffee Morning: The second Wed of every month at The Old Mill House, 10.30am. Wed 16th April. All welcome.

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February News

9 February 2018

The Annual Parish Church Meeting: This is being held on Feb 8th  at 7pm at The Barn. This will review the life of Saxtead church over 2017. An important part of the meeting will look at the Quinquennial Inspection Report. This report looks at the fabric of the church and highlights areas which need repair. Money raised by Friends of All Saints has provided a good start. More details at the meeting.
Ladies Coffee Morning:
The second Wednesday of every month at The Old Mill House, 10.30am. Wed 14th February. All welcome.

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