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July 2020 News from Saxtead

24 June 2020

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July 2020 News from Saxtead
The slow pace imposed on us by the lockdown
has seemed to make each glorious phase this
spring far more memorable than before. The
whole length of Saxtead Green has been a
carpet of celandine dotted with cowslips, giving
way to a sea of buttercups, followed by a
hundred thousand oxeye daisies together with
the delicate lacework of the cow parsley swaying
in the wind. Our beautiful ancient church, All
Saints, Saxtead, is now open again, but for the
time being only for private prayer. In order to
follow government Covid-19 safety guidelines we
ask that only four visitors enter the church at any
one time, and that they wipe the door catches on
leaving with the wipes provided.
Percolation tests in Saxtead!
No this is not some strange coffee test in the
village. Rather some holes in the Churchyard
with proper permission. The PCC at Saxtead is
considering moving onto the long hoped for
Phase 2 which means considering a simple
‘kitchen’ facility and the possibility of a toilet at
the back of the Church. Part of this means
checking the soil capacity for drainage.
The PCC thank Bill Roberts and John Speight for
digging 3 holes and testing how the water
seeped (percolated) away. To the best of my
knowledge they didn’t even have a cup of coffee
while doing so! The PCC will learn about the
results at the meeting next week. Christina