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July News from Saxtead

23 June 2019

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All Saints’ Church News:

Dear fellow parishioners,

It is only just over a year ago that you were asked via the December magazine whether you would be happy to support a general move to, if not a paper-free parish, a reduced paper one. The Parish Magazine can now be received by email as can the Monthly Newsletter; just contact the Parish Office at framparish@gmail.com 

Of course, the church will still cater for people who prefer paper copies, or who cannot access the internet, but increasing amounts of information are now becoming available online for those who would like to access it.


If you are looking for practical information about living in Saxtead: planning, conservation, highways, etc, then look no further than the recently re launched Paris Council website https://saxtead.suffolk.cloud. Do not hesitate to contact the Parish Clerk, Lydia Kirk about issues of interest to you.

This year has also seen the creation by Gemma Christie of our new, exciting Saxtead website Celebrating Saxtead:https://www.celebratingsaxtead.co.uk which aims initially to bring together the different parts of Saxtead, and showcase its many talents. It will make people aware of what is going on in the village and help them to participate themselves.

The next stage in the creation of an up-to-date, cohesive village where we can work, play and pray together is the bringing of water and sanitation to the church. This will require considerable funds, to be generated in no small part by our festival, ‘Celebrating Saxtead’, which, by raising money towards the preservation and development of All Saints Church, will help it become a multi-functional community building to be used by all.  We hope we have your support.

Please let us know your views in person, by phone or email: saxtead_sue@hotmail.com


Diary for July

Ladies Coffee Morning at Old Mill House on July 10th. All welcome

PET and TEDDY Service
Todds Farm Sunday 21st July, 3.30,

One of the highlights of the year.


Celebrating Saxtead Festival meeting:
Old Mill House 7 pm  Sue Ward.