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June News from Saxtead

29 May 2019

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All Saints’ Church News


It never ceases to amaze me how many days of importance in the Christian calendar are still related to the agricultural year. Let’s start with Rogation which has its roots in a Roman ceremony, in which a dog would be sacrificed each year  to appease the god Robicus and stop him spreading rust on the crops. Fortunately, our pets are no longer at risk, but we still ask God to protect  us from such calamities. In many places, the old ceremony of  beating the bounds is still carried out ; a great procession of everyone from the minister down would proceed round the parish, marking out the area they wished to be protected.

Partly because of traffic problems, this practice has been altered to fit in with modern life, as Bill Roberts explains:

"The Rogation Service  is to be held this year at Trust Farm (Spring Lane,Dennington, IP13 8AN) starting at 11:30 am on Sunday 2nd June. We are so glad that Edith ( on keyboard) and Mark will be there to lead us in the Hymns and the Service. This will be followed by a picnic and BBQ for all attendees, so do bring good weather plus enough food and drink for your own consumption and a little extra for someone else, perhaps for the Organist and the Canon!  Children are very welcome; see you there (come rain or shine)!"

Next on our schedule will be that very important event, ourFete, on Tues 25th June, at the Barn Saxtead . Though not quite attaining religious significance, it plays a huge role in the raising of funds for the church; a time for all to have fun. Please let Sarah Rimmer or her helpers know if you can man a stall or provide cakes or flowers. This year the jewellery stall is branching out to include other finery (hats, handbags etc) that lie half-forgotten in dark wardrobes.


Celebrating Saxtead 

The next meeting of all concerned is on Monday 3rd June at Old Mill House.

Project leaders please bring along completed requirement forms for Bill R. If you haven't done one yet, please speak to Bill. We need to be aware of requirements such as chairs, materials, etc.  Help is still needed with children's activities (pageant, creative art and literary work) and catering, as well as volunteers for the tug of war

And please, don't forget to look at the Celebrating Saxtead website'Sue Ward.