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November 19 News Saxtead

28 October 2019

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News from All Saints Saxtead

November Services at All Saints Saxtead
3rd 11.00am Confirmation at St Michael’s
10th 10.55am Remembrance Service
17th 11.15am Holy Communion (CW)
24th 11.15am Morning Prayer
December Services at All Saints Saxtead
1st 11.15am Holy Communion (CW)
8th 11.15am Holy Communion (BCP)
15th 11.15am Holy Communion (CW)
22nd 11.15am Morning Prayer


CELEBRATING SAXTEAD - and what next?
Firstly, thanks to everyone who helped make
the weekend such a success. Thanks to those
who had the idea and the perseverance to
keep it going, to those who joined in and
helped before, during and after the event - it
was that sharing which made even the tasks
enjoyable and the whole event such a success.
Secondly, as this is being written the final
financial result is not completely known as
money is still coming and going. However, in
round terms it grossed £4500 and proceeds
were £2700. Perhaps equally important, it
provided lots of memories, good times and
fostered many relationships – a priceless
Some more good news - the restoration work
on All Saints Church Saxtead is practically
finished and the total funds needed were
raised even before Celebrating Saxtead began
- this was what we hoped for and achieved.
Hence the money raised by the Friends of All
Saints in earlier years, by Celebrating Saxtead
and any other money or help that comes in,
can all go on the development work, which is
the main hope and is in line with the trend in
many UK Churches.
We are beginning to take the next steps:
 To find out how to get water into the
Church, to have a basic kitchen and
also a toilet within the Church. Note
that being a Grade 1 listed building (a
small and beautiful gem) within a
churchyard now has its issues. The
water will have to be brought in from
the road, up the drive, through the
churchyard and into the Church. All of
these might be of interest to the
archaeologists and so we will need the
proper permissions from planners and
Diocesan Advisory Committee.
 The standards for a toilet and the
finishes to the development must be to
a high standard, plus the toilet must be
accessible to the disabled.
 The new facilities must fit within the
space we have.
 The best way to deal with drainage and
sewerage is being investigated.
 Decoration and lighting could also be
Given all this we may have to prioritise
what we can do! Some of this work
might be able to be done with
volunteer help but we may need a
contractor with whom volunteers can
work. Then we will need to get details
of what we would like to do inside the
Church and work out the costs - we
may have some ideas by Christmas
for both of these. So let us proceed
with Celebrating Saxtead with all good
speed. The PCC wishes to say a big
thank you to everyone, on what has
been achieved so far – without you
this would not have been possible.
The Rev Canon Mark Sanders:
Sue Ward. saxtead_sue@hotmail.com