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New service times starting 12th JULY

3 July 2020

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SERVICES IN ST MICHAEL’S AND ALL SAINTS     published   03.07.20

The Wardens and Ministers in the benefice have met and for July and possibly for the duration of the Vacancy before Chris Davey arrives we hope to be able to offer the following services – open to everyone. A chance to worship in each other’s churches.


8am                 Said Holy Communion according to Book of Common Prayer at St Michael’s

9.30am            A range of worship on Zoom with music, no service in Church

6.30pm            Said Holy Communion or Evening Prayer at All Saints

WEDNESDAY HOLY COMMUNION     -           will start at a future date


Realistically services cannot return to just as they were. If only! To help you think about this there will be a number of changes, all of which will take some getting used to:-

  • Numbers will be limited depending on a combination of being distanced and (2metres in Churches) whether people are on their own or coming as a household. In Saxtead maximum numbers will be between 10-20, greater in Framlingham but not sufficient to seat a normal 9.30 service. Over the number and people may have to be turned away.
  • There will be no congregational singing for some time to stop the spread of coronavirus.
  • Holy Communion will be received standing at the steps with a one way system in operation in St Michael’s and people coming up pew by pew in All Saints. Plus it will be bread only and no wine. This will be done silently.
  • Cleansing of hands on entry and exit and people will not be able to congregate but enter and leave keeping social distance. Plus we will need to record who is there. The collection plate will be at the door
  • In St Michael’s seating will be selected central aisle pews only and then roped off again for daily prayer during the week. In All Saints the pews will be used not the wicker seats.
  • We will need some volunteers to help cleanse and sort things out – please contact Sandy for St Michael’s and Christina for All Saints

The decision to attend is entirely up to each of us. People who are medically ‘extremely vulnerable’ are advised not to come to Church.

This is new for everyone and the situation can change in all sorts of ways and so will be reviewed at the end of each month and certainly when the Revd Chris Davey arrives.

Details about the services can be found in the pew sheet and emails from Linda – please check this each weekend in case things have to be changed. Full details of arrangements can be found at:    https://www.churchofengland.org/sites/default/files/2020-06/COVID%2019%20advice%20on%20conducting%20public%20worship%20v1.1.pdf

From: The Wardens and Ministers of St Michael’s Framlingham with All Saints Saxtead