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News form Saxtead April / May

29 March 2019

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All Saints’ Church News:

April Services at All Saints Saxtead
7th 11.15am Holy Communion (CW)
14th 11.15am Holy Communion (BCP)
19th 9.30am Good Friday Litany
21st 11.15am Holy Communion (CW)
28th 11.15am Morning Prayer

May Services at All Saints Saxtead
5th 11.15am Holy Communion (BCP)
12th 11.15am Holy Communion (CW)
19th 11.15am Holy Communion (BCP)
26th 6.30pm, Evening Prayer (BCP)

Here we are once more, moving from a blustery March into April with its promise of rebirth, be it lambs gambolling in the fields or the slow lead up to a long awaited Easter. By the time you read this, Bishop Mike will have visited us and Mother's Day will have been celebrated on March 31st at a special joint family service in Framlingham. Once again religious and family life will intertwine, helping weld our communities together. Should we keep up the old customs and attend church services if we do not conform to conventional beliefs? Are we deluding ourselves? I believe not. Better to have an open mind, to look for solutions and beliefs beyond what we have now in the search for something better. You never know what you might find. Ten minutes sat reflecting quietly in All Saints can remove us from the hurly burly of our lives to somewhere altogether more peaceful and restorative. Why not try it?

REPAIRS In common with all historic buildings, All Saints requires a lot of upkeep to make it fit for purpose, not only as a church but as a much needed centre for the community. The next phase of repairs starts at the end of April and will include repairs to stonework and pointing, plus mending the crack in the north wall.

To help finance these improvements we are CALLING ALL BAKERS!
Your skills will be in great demand this year at a series of fundraising community events including the fete and the festival. Never mind Mary Berry, your cakes and pies, buns and bread, will all be wanted and eagerly consumed! Details to follow.
Sue Ward