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All Saints is open daily for private prayer and if possible we prefer face masks to be worn


All Saints Saxtead:


11.15am: 1st and 3rd Sundays Morning Prayer, 2nd, 4th and 5th Holy Communion

updated 03.05.22





News from Saxtead December 2019

28 November 2019

December Services at ALL SAINTS SAXTEAD

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November 19 News Saxtead

28 October 2019

News from All Saints Saxtead

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Autumn News from All Saints Saxtead

24 September 2019


Autumn News from All Saints Saxtead

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Saxtead News for September

27 August 2019

News from All Saints Saxtead
Get ready for a great September!
Celebrating Saxtead, the Festival, 20th, 21st and 22nd September.
It is finally time to celebrate Saxtead! Mark Sanders has given the festival a spiritual and historical context that takes things to a deeper level as we celebrate a community that has stood for thousands of years. You may already be involved in the 101 tasks involved in getting the festival ready, for which we thank you. You may be taking part in one of the many different demonstrations, talks, cultural events or traditional pastimes, or encouraging the youngsters to create photos, music or scarecrows. Or simply coming along to be part of our village life - from afternoon tea to tug of war. For all of these, thank you. You may even win the Lucky Programme (£100).These are available from the Co-op But most importantly, you are celebrating being part of Saxtead and raising funds for its future . Thank you once more and see you there!
Another way to support Saxtead is to get fit by preparing for that other great event, the annual Ride and Stride for Churches on Saturday September 14th (see over for details)
Enjoy your Summer, see you in September!
Sue Ward: saxtead_sue@hotmail.com
Loretta Roberts

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August News from Saxtead

2 August 2019

News from All Saints Saxtead
When do penguins and puffins join cockerpoos at the invitation of three donkeys? At the Saxtead and Framlingham Pet Service that’s where. I’ll leave it to you to decide which were animate and which were cuddly toys! But over 60 people, from 2 weeks old to over 90, came together for a happy service. We are very grateful to Catherine and George Cullingford for hosting this very happy occasion and allowing Jasper, Mistry and Whisper (the donkeys) to join in the service! Thanks to Frank who played the saxophone – the donkeys quickly got used to a new musical accompaniment
We now have the final total from our fete on 25th June, and can report that we raised £1678! Well done to everyone concerned, and thanks especially to Sarah Rimmer for organising and the Wolleys for their hospitality.
Plans for Celebrating Saxtead are proceeding well but we still need more volunteers, so do come forward if you can possibly spare the time. Sue Ward: saxtead_sue@hotmail.com

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July News from Saxtead

23 June 2019

All Saints’ Church News:

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June News from Saxtead

29 May 2019

All Saints’ Church News

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All Saints News March 2019

22 February 2019

All Saints’ Church News:
The Wardens recently received a visit from the two case officers for the pilot project of the Taylor Report, for church buildings in Suffolk or Manchester. The officers give advice about grants for maintenance work and ways of working with the wider community. We are working hard on our grant application for the repairs which are needed on All Saints and this grant will help a little Once this work is done it will help us focus on our exciting vision of getting a water supply and improving the back of the church.

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Services for March and April 2019 at Saxtead

22 February 2019

March Services at All Saints Saxtead
3rd 11.15am Holy Communion (CW)
10th 11.15am Holy Communion (BCP)
17th 11.15am Holy Communion (CW)
24th 11.15am Morning Prayer
31st 11.00am Mothering Sunday Joint Service with St Michael’s **

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